§319 grant guidance

The purpose of the manuals are to provide guidance on the development and submittal of proposals for CWA §319 watershed project proposals.  WV's NPS Program administers §319 grants, which are awarded by the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Region III. The grants are dedicated to projects that seek solutions to nonpoint source pollution. The manuals provides information on project eligibility, submittal and evaluation.  
We strongly encourage organizations eligible and qualified for §319 funds to work with your regional Basin Coordinator to develop a sound funding proposal. AGO proposals are accepted following an announcement, which can occur periodically. Watershed funding proposals are accepted annually on or before May
1st. See the grant timeline section for more information.

Click Here to download the §319 guidance manual (2 MB) and Here to download the AGO guidance manual (1 MB).  An AGOs §319 funding but are more fliexble in that a watershed plan, TMDL or 303(d) listing is not required.

Click-Here to visit the online tutorial for submitting watershed project grants.