Proposal format

Cover page 
  1. Cover page identifies the project, the “lead agency” and the budget summary.
  2. Project title, located near the top of the page, should be consistent throughout the entire proposal.  There should be an identification that this proposal is for a CWA §319 project.
  3. State the entity (lead agency) that is implementing the project and requesting the money and thier contact information (organization name, mailing address, phone and email).
  4. Include the date of submittal and a budget summary.  The budget summary lists only the requested amount of §319 funds, the amount of match and the total project amount. 
  5. Include the 303(d) stream list code and TMDL sub-watershed (SWS) number.  

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Project summary - The project summary is a brief description (abstract) of the project.   The project summary should be presented in narrative form, not as a list.  Note: Be brief; each component should only contain a few sentences. The summary should provide the following information: 
  1. Background (overview and problem descriptions)
  2. Goals and objectives
  3. Methods employed

Background - This section lays out the foundation for the entire proposal.  From this section any reviewer should be able to learn the “where, what, when, why and who” of the entire project.  This section establishes the need for the project, its justification and the credibility of the organization applying for the funds.  

Watershed information and location:  All proposed projects must provide the following information: 
  • Name of the specific sub-watershed and its HUC-code
  • TMDL sub-watershed (SWS) number and 303(d) list stream code
  • Note: Submitting a map with the proposal is very helpful 

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