DEP Environmental Awards

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DEP Environmental Awards

Environmental Education Leadership Category

The annual awards recognize Project WET facilitators who conduct four or more teacher training workshops.  They also recognize community leaders who promote water education in their community by publicizing, scheduling, or organizing water education workshops.

  2008 Janet Butler, Manager, Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge  


Ruth Anne Cole, Science Teacher, Princeton High School  
  2006 Margaret Miller, Curriculum Development Specialist, Kanawha County Schools
Rose Rhode, Curriculum Development Specialist, Kanawha County Schools
  2005 Toni Lynne DeVore, Wood County Schools  
  2004 Barbara Dofka, West Liberty State College
Frank Gilmore, PPG Industries
  2003 Mark Bollinger, National Park Service  
  2002 Dr. James A. Rye, West Virginia University  
  2001 Dr. William Kroesser, Marshall University Graduate College
Dr. William Cater, Marshall University
C. Cater Chambers, Marshall University
James Boggess, Cabell County Board of Education
  2000 Patricia Williams, Roane County High School
Marcel Malfregeot, Harrison County Board of Education
Allegheny Energy Supply, Harrison Power Station