Planning Your Own Water Festival

A West Virginia Water Festival is typically a one-day water education event for 5th grade students, designed to heighten awareness about our precious water resources and the role that we all play in the health of our watersheds and the health of our planet.  These events are held in a large space and offer a variety of interactive presentations by water resource professionals.  The classes rotate from station to station throughout the day.  The festival is a unique opportunity for students to learn different things about water and also to be introduced to a wide variety of careers and employment opportunities that exist in their own community.  The children are encouraged to use the information that they gain at the festival to make positive choices in their own current and future life. 

Water Festivals are a relatively inexpensive way to reach a large number of students and their teachers with water education in a fun and effective venue. Collaboration among a variety of water resource organizations is helpful to divide up the workload and the expense. Over the past few years, the WV Department of Environmental Protection has taken the lead in a number of Water Festivals throughout the state and has put together this guide to help you navigate the details of putting together your own Water Festival. Feel free to tailor the event to fit your targeted audience and your needs, and to contact us with any questions you may have.
Click the hyper-links below to download the materials needed to orgnize your own water festival.  Note: All documents are pdf; word versions are available upon request.
Water Festival Planning Guide
Detailed Checklist  
Sample letters and forms 
Approval request to Board of Education  Letter to request your presenters 
Presenter confirmation  Teacher invitations 
Principal invitations  Local representatives inviations 
Press release  Summary of events from 2012
Presenters evaluations 
Student evaluations
Teacher evaluations
Water Festival Planning Guide Lessons involving bubbles Lessons involving bubbles Lessons involving bubbles