Aquatic Invertebrate Lesson Plans

There are many ways to help young citizen scientist understand the importance of healthy waters and how aquatic macroinvertebrates tell their story.  Below are multiple examples and of course there are a wide variety of resources throughout the WV Save Our Streams (SOS) website. 

The most important part of any education and outreach initiative is the hands-on approach.  Show them the real-live examples and help them understand connections.  We encourage your group to partner with the Save Our Streams and Project WET Coordinators.  They can help you develop an event that’s best for your local area.

  1. SOS Watershed Education Resources
  2. Project WET
  3. Audubon Stream Science
  4. MD Dept of Natural Resouces
  5. VA Dept of Education
  6. Utah Extension Service
  7. Other Resources (;