SOS activities

Numbers served through SOS outreach In 2016 SOS conducted 17 stream monitoring workshops.  Workshops were completed at Roane Jackson technical school, in partnership with numerous watershed groups, with NGOs and schools such as Elkins Middle, Montessori and more. SOS assumed the role of instructor bringing live specimens to various water festivals across the state. Outreach events include Trout Unlimited’s (TU) Trout in the Classroom, Seneca Discovery Day, Envirothon, WV Science Teachers Association (WVSTA), 13 water festivals, Wild School, five outdoor classrooms, Cheat Fest, HOBO deployment, Monongahela Forest snorkel event, and several wetland activities. 
Partnerships remain strong with Expereinced Learning, TU, WVDNR, WVDEP-WAB, WVCA, academia and many more. SOS continues its role as instructor in WVDNR’s Master Naturalist Program, Envirothon, WVSTA, and attended the first West Virginia CitSci conference. The newest partnership is Fishing Report WV (FRWV), which featured SOS in a recent magazine article. SOS Program input was critical in the development of angler-driven stream clean-up efforts. Angler volunteers take advantage of existing resources from WVDEP-REAP, and leverage support from TU, local businesses, anglers, watershed groups and more...
In 2017 SOS conducted 11 stream monitoring workshops for 210 people and nine outdoor classrooms that educated over 1,200 people. Through Project WET, five educator workshops were held certifying 121 educators and one WOW workshop certifying 21 teachers. 14 water festivals were also conducted for more than 2,700 students across the state.
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