Rushes and other monocots

Any of a class or subclass (Monocotyledoneae) of chiefly herbaceous seed plants having an embryo with a single cotyledon, usually parallel-veined leaves, and floral organs arranged in cycles of three.  This category also includes rushes (Juncaceae). Note: The list below are more common types.  Visit USDA's Plant Database to learn more.  

American Burreed

Arrow Arum

Atlantic Camas

Blue Bead lily

Brittle Naiad

Broad Water-weed

Canada Rush

Common Dayflower

Common Goldstar-grass

Common Water-plantain

Curly Pondweed

Downy Plantain

Eastern Blue-eyed-grass

False Solomon’s-seal

Flat-leaf Rush

Four-leaf Yam

Giant Burreed

Grass-like Rush

Grassy Pondweed

Great Solomon’s-seal

Green Dragon

Jointed Rush

Kidney-leaf Mud-plantain

Large-leaf Pondweed

Leafy Pondweed

Lesser Duckweed

Minute Duckweed

Nodding Ladies Tresses

Pickerel Weed

Pink Lady-slipper

Purple Fringeless Orchid

Ribbon-leaf Pondweed

Secund Rush

Skunk Cabbage

Slender Naiad

Slender Rush

Small Solomon’s-seal

Soft Rush

Soft-fruited Rush

Spreading Dayflower

Toad Rush

Torrey Rush

Twinflower Rush

Twisted Yellow-grass

Virginia Blue flag

Virginia Bunchflower

Virginia Dayflower

Virginia Spiderwort

Water-thread Pondweed

White Camas

Woods Rush

Yellow Iris

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