Any of a family (Cyperaceae) of grass-like plants often found on wet ground or in water, having usually triangular, solid stems, three rows of narrow, pointed leaves and minute flowers born in spike-lets.  Note: The list below are more common types.  Visit USDA's Plant Database to learn more.    

Bailey Sedge

Beaded Broom Sedge

Bladder Sedge

Blunt Spikerush

Bristlebrack Sedge

Broom Sedge

Brownish Beakrush

Bull Sedge

Burreed Sedge

Bush Sedge

Cattail Sedge

Chufa Sedge

Common Hemicarpha

Creeping Spikerush

Crested Sedge

Dark-green Bulrush

Drooping Sedge

Fescue Sedge

Flat-stemmed Spikerush

Fox Sedge

Fragrant Flat-sedge

Frank’s Sedge

Fringed Sedge

Graceful Sedge

Gray’s Sedge

Green Bulrush

Hairy-fruit Sedge

Hard-stem Bulrush

Hop Sedge

Inland Sedge

Lake bank Sedge

Large Straw Sedge

Lurid Sedge

Many-flower Sedge

Meadow Sedge

Narrow-leaf Sedge

Needle Spikerush

Nerveless Wood Sedge

Olney’s Bulrush

Oval-leaf Sedge

Ovate Spikerush

Prickly Bog Sedge

Reddish Bulrush

Redroot Sedge

River Bulrush

Rough Sedge

Rusty Flat-sedge

Sawbeak Sedge

Short’s Sedge

Slender Flat-sedge

Slender Sedge

Small’s Spikerush

Soft-stem Bulrush

Square-stem Spikerush

Squarrose Sedge

Straw-colored Nutsedge

Tawny Cotton Grass

Thin-leaf Sedge

Thinscale Sedge

Three-seed Sedge

Three-way Sedge

Troublesome Sedge

Twisted Sedge

Upright Sedge

White Beakrush

White-edge Sedge

Woodland Sedge


Yellow Flat-sedge




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