A low-growing woody plant usually under 15 feet that often has multiple stems.  Shrubs will exhibit many growth habits depending upon the conditions. Note: The list below are more common types.  Visit USDA's Plant Database to learn more.     

Alder-leaf Buckthorn

American Strawberrybush


Bailey Blackberry

Black Chokeberry

Black Haw

Black Huckleberry

Bog Rosemary

Bristly Blackberry

Bushy St. John’s-wort

Button Bush

Carolina Rose

Common Chokecherry

Common Raspberry

Coral Berry

Creeping Snowberry


Dull-leaf Indigo

Eastern Burning-bush

Eastern Ninebark

Enslen Blackberry

Hazel Alder

Highbush Blueberry

Male berry 


Mountain Laurel


Northern Dewberry

Northern Spicebush

Old Field Blackberry

Pink Azalea

Poison Sumac

Prairie Rose

Purple Chokeberry

Pussy Willow

Red Chokeberry

Red-osier Dogwood

Service Berry

Shrubby St. John’s-wort

Silky Dogwood

Silky Willow

Speckled Alder

St. Andrews Cross


Swamp Azalea

Swamp Rose

Tall Prairie Willow


Virginia Willow

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