LRS Information

Within the Voluntary Remediation Program, all activities must be supervised by a Licensed Remediation Specialist. A Licensed Remediation Specialist (LRS) is a person certified by the Director of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) as qualified to perform professional remediation services and to supervise the remediation of contaminated sites. 

The overriding duty of the LRS is to protect the safety, health and welfare of the public in the performance of his/her professional duties. The LRS is responsible for any release of contaminants from the site that occurs during approved remediation activities. If a release not contemplated by the Voluntary Remediation Agreement occurs during remediation activities, the LRS must immediately notify the WVDEP. 

It is expected that a single LRS will supervise all site remediation activities. The LRS must be highly qualified, but it is unlikely that a single individual will have all of the skills and knowledge to perform all activities associated with the remediation. The LRS must only perform assignments for which he or she is qualified by training and/or experience in those specific technical fields. He/She should seek assistance from other qualified professionals as needed in performing work at the site. 

The LRS is employed by the owner or developer of the contaminated site at usual and customary professional rates. However, the LRS must be completely objective in developing and reviewing work plans, reports and opinions. The LRS represents the interests of the public as well as providing technical supervision of all remediation activities. 

If you have any questions about the LRS program, please contact the Office of Environmental Remediation at (304) 926-0455 or

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Guidelines
New guidelines have recently been developed that will help LRSs determine acceptable forms of Continuing Education and ensure that all requirements are met to renew their certification. The guidance is available here; please direct any related questions to the Office of Environmental Remediation at (304) 926-0455 or  

*Please note that these guidelines are effective January 1, 2015.*


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