Stormwater Tips

When it Rains…. It Drains.

You are the answer to storm water pollution!

Storm Water Tips

Here are ten simple things every homeowner can do to help reduce the amount of pollutants that are carried into West Virginia's streams, lakes and rivers.

1.          Never dump anything down a storm drain or drainage ditch.  The storm drain system conveys storm water directly to a creek or stream, without any treatment.

2.            Properly dispose of all trash, rubbish an garbage.  Trash that is left in your yard, or on the street will eventually end up in the closest creek or stream.

3.         Place your cigarette butts in the proper receptacle. Don't throw them on the ground.

4.            Recycle used motor oil.  Find out if your local community or gas station will accept used motor oil and take it there.  Whatever you do, never dump motor oil, gasoline, or solvents down a storm drain! 

5.         Wash your car in the grass, or take to a commercial car wash. Your car has oils and greases that wash off and then flow into the storm drains, polluting the nearby water body.  Commercial car washes have special procedures for treating the water that washes off your car.

6.         Clean up after your pet. Place pet waste in a trash receptacle or flush down the toilet.  Pet waste contains harmful bacteria that will wash into our streams and rivers when it rains.

7.         Use fertilizers and pesticides only when needed.  Fertilizers promote algae growth in our waterways.  When using fertilizers, follow application instructions and do not apply if rain is forecasted.

8.            Compost yard & grass clippings. Don't allow your grass clippings to blow into the street, or curb.

9.         Check your vehicles for leaks and repair them!

10.       Tell a friend or neighbor about how to prevent storm water pollution. Get involved in a local community watershed organization.  

The pollution you prevent today

will protect your drinking water supply tomorrow.

For more information please visit  Division of Water & Waste Management