COVID-19 Federal Grant Guidance

Federal awarding agencies are authorized to take actions, as they deem appropriate and to the extent permitted by law, with respect to the administrative provisions that apply to recipient grantees affected by COVID-19. Below are the items we anticipate may impact §319 awards.

To protect your award, you must thoroughly document any changes/adjustments due to COVID-19. The only way we can amend awards, or makes recommendations is by adequate and appropriate justification. For details of each elements listed below and more, download the PDF version.

  1. No-cost extensions on expiring awards. 2 CFR §200.308
  2. Allowability of salaries and other project activities. 2 CFR §200.403, 2 CFR §200.404, 2 CFR §200.405
  3. Allowability of Costs not Normally Chargeable to Awards. 2 CFR §200.403, 2 CFR §200.404, 2 CFR §200.405
  4. Exemption of certain procurement requirements. 2 CFR §200.319(b), 2 CFR §200.321
  5. Extension of financial, performance, and other reporting. 2 CFR §200.327, 2 CFR §200.328
  6. Extension of currently approved indirect cost rates. 2 CFR §200.414 (c)
  7. Extension of closeout. 2 CFR §200.343

See the PDF below for a description of only the seven above.

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