AGO Background. Goals and Project Description

The background section lays out the foundation for the entire proposal.  From this section any reviewer should be able to learn the “where, what, when, why and who” (i.e. study design) of the entire project.  This section establishes the need for the project, its justification and the credibility of the organization applying for the funds.  The background section does not have to be extensive but it should describe the problem, the type of project and the capability of the applying organization.  The NPS Program normally works through a government agency or non-profit organizations.  For non-profits it may help to facilitate the process if they coordinate through a Conservation District or government agency.

Goals and objectives: This important section outlines the anticipated load reductions, educational outputs and restoration benefits of the project (e.g. BMPs installed, load reductions, number of workshops, length of streambank restored etc.). All benefits expected from this project should be explained. Goals for educational projects should be stated also. This may include, but is not limited to, the number of workshops planned, the number of people trained, the number of public relations events planned, etc.

Project description: In this section the applicant defines the project site and the activities that will occur with the implementation of the project. The dimensions of the site, problem area or the area to be placed under management should be given.

  1. Describe the activities, structures, BMPs and technologies employed to implement the project.  This should provide enough detail to illustrate that a viable plan has been developed.  A lack of detail may be indicative of a poorly devised plan.  Submitting drawings of a conceptual design is optional and may be helpful but do not submit blueprints unless requested.  Requesting AGO funds for engineering and design is permitted. 
  2. Describe how the various partners involved in the project will contribute to its completion. Also, describe any efforts to educate the public, public officials and/or industry about the project.

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