AGO Grant Proposal

The applicants whose initial proposals have been determined to qualify will be asked to submit a formal proposal (workplan).  This is not a commitment to fund the project; this proposal will be reviewed in detail before approval.  Comments, questions or requested changes may be returned to the applicant for action.  Again a reminder that all grant recipients must have a FEIN and DUNS number and be able to verify that the appropriate accounting, procurement, purchasing and other organizational procedures are in place.

AGO grant requirements 
  1. The applicant requesting AGO funds must support the project with a 40% match of the total project cost.  In-kind support from the applicant is acceptable. The match cannot come from other federally funded programs or funds
  2. The proposal includes appropriate and effective measures of success.
  3. The project recruits and facilitates partnerships, support and involvement from governmental entities, educational institutions, business and citizens groups. 
  4. The project is cost effective.   
  5. The project activities can be achieved within an identified and reasonable time period.  Note: AGO funds are only available for a limited time, usually less than two-years from the time your proposal has been approved.  

Project proposal format 

The cover page identifies the project, the “lead agency” and the budget summary.

  • The project title, located near the top of the page, should be consistent throughout the entire proposal.   
  • There should be an identification that this proposal is for an AGO project.   
  • State the organization that is implementing the project and requesting the money.   
  • Include the date of submittal and a budget summary. 
  • The budget summary lists only the requested amount of AGO funds, the amount of match and the total project amount.

The project summary is a brief description (abstract) of the project.   The project summary should be presented in narrative form, not as a list.  The project summary description should contain the following:   

  • Background 
  • Goals and objectives
  • Project description  

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