Grant awards and timelines

All grantees must have a signed grant award with WVDEP that stipulates grantee requirements and payment schedules.  Any non-governmental entity accepting a grant award must complete an IRS W-9 form and submit it to WVDEP.  All grant recipients must have a FEIN and DUNS and be able to verify that the appropriate accounting, procurement and purchasing procedures, as well as other business and organizational standards (e.g. boad of director charter, budget documents, meeting minutes etc.) are in place.

The NPS Program 
recommends that projects be coordinated through a state or local agency to facilitate these requirements. Invoices for reim-bursement may be submitted anytime after the award and should include specifics on the money spent and what was accomplished. 

§319 timeline - §319 grants are timed on a Federal fiscal year. Project planning and workplan developments are focused on the next fiscal year while reporting activities are focused on the current or previous fiscal year. The following timeline is general for any fiscal year. 

Note: The WVNPS Progam will accept early project proposals ideas between October and March. We strongly encourage organizations to work with regional Basin Coordinator to develop technically and financially sound projects and workplans.     

Application Schedule 
May 1 First draft proposals are due (Note: Proposals can be submitted sooner).  
May - June WVDEP's comments returned to the applicant. During this period, the NPS Coordinator and BC's works with applicant to refine proposal for submittal.   
June - July Finalize submissions
July 15 - August 15 §319-grant application is submitted to the USEPA
November/February Responses and corrections completed based on comments on grant application. Everyone participates in this process
May/June Grant awarded to the state (Note: These dates may vary considerably).  
June/July Anticipated start date on projects submitted from previous year. 
Reporting Schedule 
May 1  Semi-annual report is due. Report covers activities from October 1 through March 31.
November 1  Semi-annual report is due. Report covers activities from April 1 through September 30.
NoteFinal reports must be submitted at least 30-days following the end of the grant performance period. 
Mid February Annual report is submitted to the USEPA. The annual report provides summary information from the previous fiscal year.  Click-Here to learn more 

After our annual grant application is submitted, USEPA evaluates the workplans iand often multiple revisions occur before funding is approved.  It is important that your organization responds to any inquiries and request for information in a timely manner.  

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