Nonpoint Source Program

 The NPS Program is part of WVDEP's Watershed Improvement Branch (WIB).  WIBs mission is “To inspire and empower people to value and work for clean water”
West Virginia's Nonpoint Source (NPS) Program coordinates multi-agency and non-government organizations efforts to address nonpoint pollution by:  
  • Providing assistance in the proper installation and maintenance of (BMPs);
  • Supporting citizen based watershed organizations;
  • Supporting partners whose activities relate to nonpoint issues; and
  • Restoring impaired watersheds with nonpoint abatement projects

The NPS Program offers §319 grants for the development of plans and projects that target nonpoint pollution. These grants are used for NPS Program and Watershed projects. Watershed project grants attempt to restore waters impaired by nonpoint pollution and are driven by 303(d) listings, TMDL development and priorities within the NPS Program's Management PlanNote: §319 are reimbursable grants. CLICK-HERE to learn more about watershed project grants and HERE to learn about additional grant opportunities (AGOs).  Note: §319 grants are reimbursable grants; advanced payments are not allowed.

To learn more contact your regional Basin Coordinator or the Program Managers.  Below are activities suppoted by §319; click-on the images to learn more and CLICK-HERE to learn about our projects and HERE for a calendar of events.
Wastewater treatment  Agricultural BMPs  Rain gardens 
Ag BMP - water container Runoff BMPs-urban stormwater
Streambank restoration Watershed associations  Education and outreach 
watershed associations  education and outreach 
Acid mine drainage (AMD) projects to restore pollution from abandoned mines 
Shown here is one of many project sites in the Lamberts Run watershed.  This stream is a significant source of AMD to the West Fork River.  Click-here for more information
Below are resources and programs provided by, supported or affiliated with WIB:
Chesapeake Bay Program  Homeowners packet NPS Management Plan  
In Lieu Fee Mitigation   Streambank monitoring   NPS Program reports 
Project WET  Stormwater assistance   NPS project information 
Save Our Streams   Stream permit guidance O&M guidance manual 
Stream Partners Watershed groups   Quality Assurance Project Plans
Watershed Pilot Program   
Use this on-line tool to query water quality data collected by WVDEP's Watershed Assessment Branch (WAB).  Click-Here to query data from ambient stations. 


Click-Here for USEPA NPS resources