Request for funds

Note: §319 grant funds are reimbursable only.

You must provide adequate justification for any request for funds reimbursement.  Grant recipient must submit the request for funds (RFF) form along with supporting documentation in order to obtain reimbursement for allowable expenses.  Supporting documentation includes a complete breakdown of expenses incurred (invoice) during the specified budget period. Note: The budget period is not the same as the performance period.
Read all instructions and become familar with allowable cost before submiiting your RFF-form. The RFF must be submitted within your grants performance period in order to be eligible for reimbursement. Note: The funding period is not the same as the grant's performance period. Typically it is much shorter window and occurs when transactions take place. Your organization should pay the bills prior to the end of the grant performance period.
All grant recipients must have a FEINDUNS and a W-9 (Tax payer ID number), and be able to verify that the appropriate accounting, procurement and purchasing procedures, as well as other business and organizational standards (e.g. board of director charter, budget documents, meeting minutes etc.) are in place. Click-Here
for more information. 

Important considerations

WIB only accepts electronic requests for funds. The RFF-form and documentation is submittted via email and must be signed in BLUE ink.
Click the left image to download RFF-form. Save the file (xlsx) to your computer and use it to submit the RFF in sequence.  Complete the form, sign, date and attach the appropriate supporting documents. Email your RFF-form to: Brandi Hicks. Click-Here to download RFF instructions. 
If RFF forms are not submitted in a timely manner and are not correct, your award and re-payments will be compromised. RFF-forms must be submitted prior to the end of the grant award so that all payments will be processed timely and correctly. Please read the instructions carefully and complete the RFF-form using the correct grant number, funding period, invoices and other documentation as needed. WV State Auditor's Office (WVSAO) will not accept forms that have been marked through or do not have all the required informaiton.

Click-Here to learn about general §319 grant conditions and here for specifics regarding allowable costs.  For even more details scroll to Subpart E - Cost Principals, and more specifically Provisions for Selected Items of Costs.         
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