Watershed project reporting

All state §319 Programs report to the USEPA through the Grants Reporting and Tracking System (GRTS). Projects are tracked within the GRTS using multiple fields and GIS files. Specific practices installed are matched to water quality improvements in a specific reach of the stream or portion of the watershed. The minimum reporting unit is the SWS scale. 

In order to comply with the USEPA's reporting requirements all §319 grant recipients are required to report their progress to the NPS Coordinator semi-annually. The goal of the report is to tell the story of a project. It must contain elements (milestones, loads etc.) that allow for quantitative tracking. At a minimum your report must include the following information:

  1. The report cover must contain the grant number, award year and contact information (Name, mailing address, phone number and E-mail) of the Project Manager or other primary contacts
  2. A narrative describing the progress that has occured during the period (digital photos welcomed).
  3. Map(s) that shows the watershed, streams and the project site(s).
  4. Easy to read list of pollutant load reductions and BMPs that have occured within the reporting period.  Cumulative totals and % complete should also be provided. Note: The report should distinguish between the load reductions estimated in the original proposal and those that have occured in the project thus far.  It is also important to note any reductions over and above those proposed in the project proposal. 
  5. A milestone schedule that illustrates the project's status (e.g. not implemented, on-schedule, behind schedule, complete, etc.) and its percent completed.
  6. A table with a description of expenditures for the period. Download and and save the financial spreadsheet. Use this file to submit a seperate financial report.
§319 grants are timed to the federal fiscal year. The first semi-annual report documents progress and activities between October 1 - March 31 and is due May 1. The second semi-annual report documents progress and activities between April 1 - September 30 and is due November 1. If reports are not submitted in a timely manner current and future grant awards will be compromised for your organization and others. Reportinig Matters!

Click-Here to download a pdf of the reporting requirements for all §319 reports.

When the project is completed the 
Basin Coordinator, NPS Coordinator or designee conducts a final inspection with the local project manager. In addition to the inspection a final report is required. The final report is a summary of the projects life cycle. It is submitted to WVDEP and USEPA, and becomes part of the project record in GRTS.  Click-Here for final report requirements.
Click-Here to learn more about awards and timelines.