Final reports

  When the project is complete the Basin Coordinator, NPS Coordinator or designee performs a site visit and final inspection (FI) with the local project manager.Final inspections occur only on construction projects with BMP implementation. In addition to the inspection a final report is required.
The final report summarizes the project and its results (e.g. goals and objectives accomplished, pollutant load reductions, expenditures, challenges etc.). Final reports are also required for non-construction projects but may not include the same elements. The final report is similar in style/format to USEPA Success Stories, and must contain the following information: 
    1) Title/Cover page
    2) Brief overview/summary/abstract - that includes the location description
    3) Problem description (When was the stream listed)
    4) Project highlights (What was accomplished; how does that compare to the workplan)
    5) Results (BMP numbers/types, component dimension, area treated, load reductions, outreach goals etc.)
    6) Partners and funding (Table comparing orginnal budget to what was actually spent)
Note: In the partners and fuding section include a table that compares the original budget to actual expenditures; and, make sure your required match contributions are listed. Click-Here for a construction example, and Here for a non-construction example.

The final report is due 30-days following the performance period (PP) end date. If possible, it should be submitted on/before the end of the PP. Final reports are submitted directly to USEPA and become part of the project record within GRTS. The report must reconcile all informaiton reported semi-annually.  Note: The FI is a Word document; contact the Coordinator if you have difficulty downloading the form.