UST Closure Information

This page contains guidance and forms for performing  UST system closures.  A Class B certified worker must physically be on-site performing or overseeing the closure.  All fees must be paid before the closure may begin.  Exceptions may be allowed for later payment if the tank owner/operator is under a WVDEP administrative order or under court order for the tank removal.   Refer to Appendix D and Appendix B of the Corrective Action Guidance Document (CAGD) for forms, analytical tables, and the closure guidance memo for UST closures. 

You will need the following documents:
Appendix D

  • Appendix D.1  Closure Form Summary
  • Appendix D.2  UST/LUST Closure Guidance Memo
  • Appendix D.3   UST Intent to Close Form
  • Appendix D.4   UST Closure Report Form
  • Appendix D.4.1 Closure Report Tank Information
  • Appendix D.4.2 Closure Report Piping Information
  • Appendix D.4.3 UST Notification Form

Appendix B

  • Appendix B.4  Tier 1 Spreadsheet
  • Appendix B.5  Tier 2 Spreadsheet
  • Appendix B.6  Tier 3 Spreadsheet

To contact Tanks personnel:

Tanks Inspection Unit Contact Information

Tanks Corrective Action Unit Contact Information