Project WET Activities

Activities Guide Cover

The K-12 Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide is the core of the Project WET program and it is only available after attending a training workshop. The publication is a collection of 90 interdisciplinary activities and lesson plans that are teacher-tested and classroom-ready. Designed by teacher for teachers, the guide features:

  • Background information for each activity.
  • Comprehensive cross-reference and planning charts.
  • Non-biased approach teaching students "how" to think, not "what" to think.
  • Exciting teaching strategies for many different learning styles.

The Project WET guide is praised by educators and is characterized as "comprehensive and thorough background information for teachers" with activities that are "flexible and well designed... relevant and meaningful."

New Curriculum Guide

Developed in coordination with early childhood experts and educators, Getting Little Feet Wet is designed to help educators of young children teach about water in fund, age-appropriate ways. This book contains 11 interactive, hands-on activities for young learners to explore different aspects of water - from water properties to water sounds. Each activity offers both Pre-K and K-2 options and is correlated to educational standards.

Additional Information

  • Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide
    • Description: The Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 continues Project WET’s dedication to 21st-century, cutting-edge water education. Now in full color, Guide 2.0 offers new activities on topics such as National Parks and storm water, fully revised and updated activities from the original Guide and the very best activities gathered from all of Project WET’s publications.
  • Project WET Information
    • Description: Project WET's mission is advancing water education to understand global challenges and inspire local solutions.