Glenn Nelson

Glenn Nelson is WVDEP's Save Our Streams (SOS) Program Coordinator.  Prior to assuming the coordinating role of citizen science he spent over 13 years with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) based out of Leetown, WV. 

As leading field biologist, government boat captain and diver, he spent countless hours researching freshwater mussels, brook trout, striped bass, horseshoe crabs, amphibians, eels, and numerous other species.  Much of his work was documenting endangered animal populations, reasons for their demise, land-use contributions, and methods to mitigate their loss.  In 2014 Glenn became a published author as part of the team studying the influence of hyporheric exchange and other hydrogeomorphic characteristics on abundance of freshwater mussels.  Click-Here to read the study. 

He has a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science and a Master’s degree in Aquatic Ecology.  His immediate role as the SOS Coordinator is directed towards volunteer monitoring and citizen scientists throughout the state.  SOS is great for introducing stream ecology concepts to the novice yet robust enough to incorporate in formulating the most in-depth experimental approaches using the sound science of the scientific method for the more advanced.  The approach is a three parameter rapid biological assessment that evaluates Chemical, Physical, and Biological aspects to score the health and integrity of the wadable waters of West Virginia. 

As our SOS Coordinator he makes it a priority to educate all walks of life, from academia to agencies, nonprofit to industry, of the connectivity of our water’s health to that of our own.  Glenn is shown above with the "Nelson Tank", a modified limestone diversion well for treating AMD.

To learn more about SOS email Glenn at: or ​​​​​​call (304) 574-4465 x 1710 (office) or (304) 545-1891 (mobile).  Click-Here to read a 2016 Fishing Report WV article.

In May 2016, WIB's NPS Coordinator presented a poster at the 2016 National Monitoring Conference in Tampa, FL. In August the Glenn presented the same poster at the 2016 National Nonpoint Monitoring Conference in Salt Lake City, UT.  Click-Here to view and download the poster.