Thank you Glenn

  Glenn Nelson has accepted another position. We thank him for his years of passion and knowledge. 
Prior to assuming the role he spent 13 years with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) based out of Leetown, WV. As the lead field biologist, boat captain and diver, he played a critical role in researching freshwater mussels, brook trout, striped bass and other species.  His work was documented endangered populations, reasons for their demise, land-use contributions, and methods to mitigate their loss.  In 2014 Glenn became a published author. The research was - influence of hyporheric exchange on abundance of freshwater mussels.
He beleives SOS is great tool for introducing stream ecology to the novice yet robust enough for the more advanced. 
As the SOS Coordinator his priority was to educate all walks of life, from academia to agencies, nonprofit to industry, of the connectivity of our water’s health to that of our own.  The photo shows Glenn with the "Nelson Tank", a modified limestone diversion well for treating acid mine drainage (AMD). He convinced WVDEP's OAMR to provide funding for a DIY version, which was installed to enhance Morris Creek AMD treatment. Glenn was active in a multitude of stream activities and projects throughout his tenure. Get more of his thoughts in a Q&A article from Fishing Report WV. Do you have a Glenn Nelson story? Share it HERE...