MOU continued


Following a monitoring workshop, monitors must complete a certification exam provided by the coordinator or program designee. Certification is an important component of the program and should be up-to-date if using WV Save Our Streams equipment and procedures. It is not necessary that all monitors within a group be certified; however, the CVMG must have enough certified monitors so that one can be present with each team. Re-certification is required within one year of the initial certification and every other year thereafter. Re-certification can be in the form of an exam or a field review or both. The type of recertification is at the discretion of the coordinator. Re-certification is then required every two years. It is the responsibility of the CVMG to schedule a re-certification exam or workshop with the program coordinator or designee.

All CVMG begin with Level One and may be trained at more advanced levels after the first year of monitoring is complete or a minimum of four surveys have been submitted. Upon completion of a higher-level certification, CVMG are eligible to receive the equipment appropriate to that level, which, in most cases, is equipment related to more advanced macroinvertebrate collection procedures

Certified trainer 

This is an option for those interested in becoming official training designees of WV Save Our Streams. The persons asking for certified trainer status must demonstrate their knowledge of the program’s procedures to the coordinator, and must meet the minimum requirements as determined by the coordinator in order to be eligible. The minimum requirements to become a certified trainer are listed below:

        1. Must be involved with Save Our Streams or a similar program for at least one year; 
        2. Must have up-to-date WV Save Our Streams certification; 
        3. S
hould be comfortable teaching the methods to others; and 
        4. Must have completed a minimum of four approved surveys.

Terms and conditions 

If the CVMG does not comply with the guidelines set forth herein, the CVMG agrees to return all equipment entrusted to it and pay all costs associated with the replacement and/or repair of damaged materials. The CVMG further agrees and understand that this equipment will not be given or forwarded to another person or group without prior permission from the program coordinator.  Clearly print your contact information and provide the names, signatures and dates in the spaces on page four. Also, include an additional page with the station names and descriptions as an attachment with this agreement if these have been determined. Note: This agreement must be accepted and certification must be completed in order to be eligible to receive monitoring equipment.   

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