Order Odonata (Dragonflies and Damselflies) 
Courtesy of the Cacapon InstituteDragonflies: Lower lip (labium) is long and elbowed to fold back against the head when not feeding, thus concealing other mouthparts; wing pads are present on the thorax; three pairs of segmented legs attach to the thorax; no gills on the sides of the abdomen; three pointed structures may occur at the end of the abdomen forming a pyramid shaped opening; bodies are long and stout or some- what oval.  Damselflies: Three flat gills at the end of the abdomen forming a tail-like structure and their bodies are long and slender. Click-Here for an Odonata key 

Dragonflies (Sub-order Anisoptera)


Aeshnidae (Darner dragonfly): Prementum and papal lobes are flattened; six or seven antennal segments present all of a similar size. Clinger/crawler; Predator; M-VL (L)(S) [Adult]


Cordulegastridae (Spiketail dragonfly): Often appear hairy; prementum large, covering much of the underside of the head, usually triangular shaped. Clinger/crawler; Predator; M-L (L)(S/F) [Adult]


Gomphidae (Clubtail dragonfly): Body shape variable from long cylindrical to oval and flattened; prementum flattened; third antennal segment large and different from the rest. Clinger/crawler; Predator; M-L (M)(S/F) [Adult]


Libellulidae (Skimmer dragonfly): Antennal segments similar in shape and size; prementum and palpal lobes spoon shaped or small and rounded. There is some uncertainties in this group, some taxonomist include sub-families Macromiinae and Corduliinae to distinguish the long legs and horn between the eyes.  Crawler/burrower; Predator; M-L (H)(S) [Adult]. 

Damselflies (Sub-order Zygoptera)


Calopterygidae (Broadwing damselfly): Lower portion of labium is diamond shaped; first antennal segment longer than all the others together; middle gills shorter than the lateral two; no visible veins on the gills. Clinger/crawler; Predator; M-L (M)(S/F) [Adult]


Coenagrionidae (Narrowwing damselfly): Slender but slightly more stout bodied than most damselflies; labium triangular shaped; antennal segments same length; gills same length, veins radiate diagonally. Clinger, crawler; Predator; M-L (H)(S) [Adult]


Lestidae (Speadwing damselfly): Long and slender bodied; labium stalked and spoon shaped; all gills similar in shape with perpendicular veins. Clinger/crawler; Predator; M-L (H)(S) [Adult]