Wetland Resource Guide

The resources below provide information relating to wetland restoration, function, values, regulations and assessment.

  • Wetlands of West Virginia
    • Description: Wetlands are areas where the land is covered by shallow water or the soil is saturated to the surface for at least two weeks during the growing season.
  • Wetlands Work - A Guide for Agricultural Landowners
    • Description: Find funding sources and planners to help with your agricultural wetland questions. Although this site is focused on the Chesapeake Bay counties of West Virginia, the planning and funding resources apply to the whole state.
  • Restoration Planting Tool
    • Description: Would you like to restore native plants to your wetland or upland site in West Virginia? The Restoration Planting Tool matches your site with known native plant communities in West Virginia and predicts the species that will thrive and provide great habitat for native birds, butterflies, and other species.
  • Wetland Program Plan
    • Description: Read West Virginia’s 5-year plan for protecting, restoring, monitoring, and regulating wetlands.


  • WVDEP Data Viewer
    • Description: This site provides the functional scores and locations of all mapped WV wetlands. Note: Many forested and smaller wetlands (i.e. vernal pools) have not yet been mapped.
  • National Wetland Inventory
    • Description: The US Fish and Wildlife Service site provides the locations of mapped wetlands throuhgout the US.

More Resources and References