Title V Permit Applications

Company Name  Location  ID 
ACF Industries  Huntington  011-00031 
Allegheny Energy Supply Co.  Albright Power Station  077-00001 
Allegheny Energy Supply Co.  Pleasants Power Station (1 of 2) 073-00005 
Allegheny Energy Supply Co.   Pleasants Power Station (2 of 2) 073-00005 
Allegheny Wood Products  Plant #4  023-00023 
Alliant Techsystems Operations, LLC  Allegany Ballistics Lab (1 of 3)  057-00011 
Alliant Techsystems Operations, LLC   Allegany Ballistics Lab (2 of 3)  057-00011
Alliant Techsystems Operations, LLC   Allegany Ballistics Lab (3 of 3)  057-00011
Allied Waste Sycamore Landfill  Hurricane  079-00105
Allnex USA Inc.  Willow Island  073-00030
Altivia Services, LLC Institute Plant (6 of 8)  039-00692
Altivia Services, LLC Institute Plant (7 of 8) 039-00692
Altivia Services, LLC  Institute Plant (8 of 8)  039-00692 
American Bituminous  Grant Town Power Plant  049-00026 
American Woodmark Corp.  South Branch Plant  031-00030
Antero Midstream, LLC East Mountain Compressor Station  095-00080
Antero Midstream, LLC Middlebourne III Compressor Station  095-00074
Antero Midstream, LLC Middlebourne IV Compressor Station 095-00084
Antero Midstream LLC South Canton Station 017-00163
Appalachia Midstream Services, LLC  Battle Run Station 069-00107 
Appalachia Midstream Services, LLC  Buffalo Station  009-00116 
Appalachia Midstream Services, LLC  Sand Hill Station  051-00145 
Appalachian Power Company  Ceredo  099-00081 
Appalachian Power Company  John E. Amos Plant  079-00006 
Appalachian Power Company  Mountaineer Plant 053-00009
Applied Partners, Inc. Ravenswood  035-00002 
ArcelorMittal Weirton, Inc.   Weirton 029-00001  
Ardagh Metal Packaging USA Inc. Weirton 009-00012
Argos USA LLC  Martinsburg  003-00006 
Armstrong Hardwood Flooring Co.  Beverly  083-00025 
Armstrong World Industries, Inc. Millwood  035-00049
Ashland Inc. Neal  099-00009 
Bayer Corporation  New Martinsville  051-00009 
Big Sandy Peaker Plant  Neal Plant  099-00080 
Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc.  Huntington  011-00062
Blue Racer Natrium, LLC Natrium Extraction and Fractionation Plant 051-00142
Braskem America, Inc.  Kenova  099-00010
Buchanan Minerals, LLC  Amonate Preparation Plant  047-00017  
Business Development Corporation of the Northern Panhandle  Beech Bottom  009-00130 
CertainTeed Gypsum WV, Inc.  Moundsville  051-00113
Charleston Area Medical Center  General Division  039-00057 
Chemours Company FC, LLC  Belle (1 of 5) 039-00001
Chemours Company FC, LLC  Belle (3 of 5)  039-00001
Chemours Company FC, LLC  Belle (4 of 5)  039-00001
Chemours Company FC, LLC  Belle (5 of 5)  039-00001
Chemours Company FC, LLC Washington Works (1 of 14) 107-00182
Chemours Company FC, LLC  Washington Works (2 of 14)  107-00182
Chemours Company FC, LLC  Washington Works (10 of 14)  107-00182  
Chemours Company FC, LLC  Washington Works (11 of 14)  107-00182  
Chemours Company FC, LLC  Washington Works (12 of 14)  107-00182 
Chemours Company FC, LLC  Washington Works (14 of 14)  107-00182  
City of Charleston  Sanitary Landfill  039-00461
Clearon Corporation  South Charleston  039-00011
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC      Adaline Compressor Station  051-00100 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC  Ceredo Compressor Station  099-00013 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC  Clendenin Compressor Station  039-00048 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Cleveland Compressor Station  097-00009 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Coco Compressor Station  039-00049 
 Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC Elk River Compressor Station 039-00670
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Files Creek Compressor Station 083-00019 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Flat Top Compressor Station  089-00004 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Framteown Compressor Station  007-00100 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Glady Compressor Station  083-00017 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Glenville Compressor Station  021-00001 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Hubball Compressor Station  043-00002 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Hunt Compressor Station   039-00101 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Kenova Compressor Station   099-00014
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Lanham Compressor Station   039-00047
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC  Lone Oak Station  051-00216
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Lost River Compressor Station   031-00002 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC Mount Olive Compressor Station 035-00062 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Ripley Compressor Station   035-00003 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Seneca Compressor Station   071-00008 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC Sherwood Station Compressor Station 017-00162
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Smithfield Compressor Station   103-00010 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC   Terra Alta Compressor Station   077-00017 
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC Walgrove Compressor Station  039-00074
Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC White Oak Station Compressor Station 013-00017 
Constellium Rolled Products  Ravenswood  035-00043 
Continental Brick Company  Martinsburg  003-00002
Copper Ridge Landfill, LLC  Copper Ridge Landfill  047-00111 
Covestro LLC  New Martinsville  051-00009 
Covestro LLC  South Charleston  039-00102 1of2 
039-00102 2of2 
Cranberry Pipeline Corporation  Beech Fork Compressor Station  099-00012
Cranberry Pipeline Corporation   Danville Compressor Station   005-00020 
Cranberry Pipeline Corporation   Heizer Compressor Station   079-00046 
Cranberry Pipeline Corporation   Horsemill Compressor Station   039-00075 
Cranberry Pipeline Corporation  Staten Run Station  039-00044 
Crown Cork & Seal Company  Weirton  009-00014
Cytec Industries, Inc.  Willow Island (Part 1 of 3)  073-00003 
Cytec Industries, Inc.   Willow Island (Part 2 of 3)  073-00003 
Cytec Industries, Inc.   Willow Island (Part 3 of 3)  073-00003
Disposal Services, Inc.  Hurricane  079-00103 
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.  Bridgeport Station  033-00100 
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Camden Station  041-00010
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Cornwell Station  039-00051
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Craig Station  085-00004 
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Deep Valley Station  095-00007
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Hastings Station  103-00006 
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Hastings Extraction Plant  103-00009
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Jones Station  021-00002
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   L.L. Tonkin Station  017-00003
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Law Station  033-00014 
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Lightburn Station  041-00013
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Loup Creek Station  109-00019
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Oscar Nelson Station  109-00018
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Orma Station  013-00002 
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Pepper Station  001-00100
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Sardis Station  033-00013 
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Schutte Station  017-00100
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Sweeney Station  041-00012 
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   West Union Plant  017-00011 
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Wilsonburg Station  033-00011 
Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.   Yellow Creek Station  013-00001 
E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co.   Washington Works Plant  (3 of 14)  107-00001 
E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co.   Washington Works Plant  (5 of 14)  107-00001 
E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co.   Washington Works Plant  (6 of 14)  107-00001
E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co.   Washington Works Plant  (8 of 14)  107-00001 
E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co.   Washington Works Plant  (9 of 14)  107-00001
E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co.   Washington Works Plant  (13 of 14)  107-00001 
Eagle Natrium LLC  Natrium  051-00002 
Energy Corporation of America  Ellamore Compressor Station  083-00101 
Equitrans, L.P.  Burnsville Compressor Station  007-00006
Equitrans, L.P.   Copley Run Compressor Station  041-00009 
Equitrans, L.P.   Comet Compressor Station  091-00013
Equitrans, L.P.   Curtisville Compressor Station  049-00052
Equitrans, L.P. Glenville Compressor Station  021-00010 
Equitrans, L.P.   Logansport Compressor Station  103-00033
Equitrans, L.P.   West Union Compressor Station  017-00001 
EQM Gathering Opco, LLC  Janus Station  017-00158 
EQM Gathering Opco, LLC Saturn Station 017-00027
ERGON- West Virginia, Inc. Newell  029-00008
Felman Production, Inc.  Letart  053-00004 
Fibrek Recycling U.S., Inc. Fairmont  049-00043 
GrafTech Advanced Graphite Materials LLC Anmoore  033-00001 
Greer Lime Company  Riverton  071-00001
Guardian Fiberglass, Inc.  Inwood  003-00012 
Harrison County Coal Company  Harrison County Facility  033-00018 
Huntington Alloys  Huntington  011-00007 
ICL-IP America, Inc.  Gallipolis Ferry  053-00007
JPC Limited Liability Company Petersburg  023-00015
Jeld-Wen Fiber of West Virginia  Craigsville  067-00095 
Jupiter Aluminum Corporation  Beech Bottom  009-00004
Kentucky Power Company  Mitchell Plant  051-00005 
Kepler Processing Company, Inc. Pocahontas No. 51 Prep Plant  109-00013
Kingsford Manufacturing Company  Beryl Plant 057-00003
Kingsford Manufacturing Company   Parsons Plant 093-00004
Knauf Insulation, Inc.  Inwood  003-00012  
Koppers Industries Follansbee 009-00001
Lackawanna Transport Company
dba Wetzel County Sanitary Landfill
New Martinsville 103-00034
Latham Pool Products, Inc.  Jane Lew  041-00045
LCS Services, Inc. North Mountain Sanitary Landfill 003-00036
Longview Power, LLC         Maidsville  061-00134 
M&G Polymers USA, LLC  Apple Grove  053-00054 
MAAX US Corporation  Martinsburg  003-00026 
MPLX Terminal and Storage LLC  Butane Storage  099-00112
MPLX Terminals LLC  Kenova Terminal  099-00022 
MPM Silicones, LLC Sistersville 095-00001
Maple Manufacturing, LLC  Weirton  009-00027 
Marathon Petroleum Company LP  Neal Propane Cavern  099-00118
The Marion County Coal Company  Marion County Prep Plant  049-00019 
Markwest Liberty Midstream & Resources, LLC Majorsville  051-00125 
MarkWest Liberty Midstream & Resources, LLC  Mobley Gas Plant  103-00042 
MarkWest Liberty Midstream & Resources, LLC  Sherwood  017-00034
Meadowfill Landfill, Inc. Bridgeport  033-00128 
Monongahela Power Company   Harrison Power Station  033-00015
Monongahela Power Company  Fort Martin Power Station  061-00001
The Monongalia County Coal Company Monongalia County Prep Plant 061-00016
Morgantown Energy Associates  Morgantown  061-00027
Mountain State Carbon, LLC  Follansbee  009-00002
Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  Morgantown  061-00033 
ND Fairmont LLC Fairmont  049-00043
Northwestern Landfill  Parkersburg  107-00121 
Novelis Corporation  Fairmont  049-00038 
Optima Belle LLC Belle 039-00663
Ox Paperboard, LLC  Halltown 037-00007
Pinnacle Mining Company  Pineville  109-00006
Pleasants Energy, LLC  Waverly  073-00022
Precoat Metals Corporation              Weirton  009-00054 
Quad/Graphics  Hedgesville  003-00042 
Raleigh County Landfill  Lanark  081-00155 
Recovery Solutions and Technologies, Inc.  Institute Plant  039-00675 
Saint Gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.  Buckhannon  097-00001
Second Sterling Corporation  Keystone  047-00008 
SMR Technologies  Fenwick  067-00025
S&S Landfill  Clarksburg  033-00129 
Short Creek Landfill  Short Creek  069-00071 
Specialty Products US, LLC Institute (1 of 2)  039-00682 
Specialty Products, US, LLC Institute (2 of 2)  039-00682 
Steel of West Virginia  Huntington  011-00009
Toyota Motor Manufacturing WV  Buffalo  079-00072 
Union Carbide Corporation  Institute Facility (1 of 8) 039-00005 
Union Carbide Corporation Institute Facility (2 of 8)  039-00005 
Union Carbide Corporation  Institute Facility (3 of 8)  039-00005 
Union Carbide Corporation  Institute Facility (6 of 8)  039-00005 
Union Carbide Corporation  Institute Facility (7 of 8)  039-00005 
Union Carbide Corporation  Institute Facility (8 of 8)  039-00005 
Union Carbide Corporation  South Charleston Plant  039-00003 
Union Carbide Corporation  Technology Park (1 of 2) 039-00004
Union Carbide Corporation Technology Park (2 of 2) 039-00004
Univation Technologies, LLC South Charleston 039-00618
U.S. Dept. of the Treasury- IRS Kearneysville  003-00133 
U.S. Silica Company  Berkeley Springs  065-00001
Valero Terrestrial Corporation  Brooke County Sanitary Landfill  009-00053
Verso Luke LLC  West Virginia Operations  057-00008 
Virginia Electric & Power Company  Mt. Storm Power Station  023-00003
WVA Manufacturing, LLC  Alloy  019-00001
Weyerhaeuser Company  Buckhannon Plant  097-00029
Weyerhaeuser Company  Heaters Plant  007-00016 
Williams Ohio Valley Midstream LLC  Ft. Beeler  051-00127
Williams Ohio Valley Midstream LLC  Oak Grove 051-00157
Williams Ohio Valley Midstream LLC  Moundsville Plant 051-00141