Donate A Site

Here you'll find information concerning the donate a site program under Operation Wildflower such as cost, due dates, and possible honorees. Remember, once you're done to return to the Operation Wildflower Homepage.

Possible Site Honorees
  • Wildflower sites may be donated in the name of an individual, business, civic organization, community, garden club, woman's club, school, etc.
  • Sites may also be donated  or "In Honor of" or "In Memory of'" a loved one.
Recognition Sign
  • A sign bearing the name designated by the donor will be placed at the wildflower area.
  • Only one name may appear on a sign.
  • Slogans and messages are not permitted.
Wildflower Bed Location 
  • Donated sites must be planted on Division of Highways rights of way.
  • Sites are selected by the contributor and approved by the Division of Highways.
  • If a selected site is not approved, arrangements will be made to plant the flowers at another site suitable to the donor.  
The cost for donating a wildflower site is:
  • $300 for one-half acre
  • $600 for one acre
Additional Pertinent Information
  • Sites are planted for three years at which time the donor is given the option of renewing the site or releasing it.
  • Donations must be received by February 15th for spring wildflower beds.
  • To Donate a Wildflower Site call: 1 (800) 322-5530.