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What is Sustainable Travel West Virginia?

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Sustainable Travel West Virginia is a component of the Sustainable West Virginia program focusing on businesses associated with the travel and tourism industry.

The program is meant to foster efforts of this industry to reduce waste, cut emissions and discharges, improve the quality of our environment and our communities, and moreover to empower the people of West Virginia to build a better state for future generations.

Organizations are increasingly recognizing that improved environmental and socio-cultural performance results in economic benefits such as lower costs and greater market and brand recognition. Also, many travelers and retail customers, in an effort to be more responsible stewards of the environment, are seeking to spend their money at more sustainable facilities.

Sustainable Travel West Virginia will benchmark, assess performance, and review results of tourism-related organizations that have made a commitment to continually enhance their operations to improve environmental, social and economic activities, products, processes, and services.

This voluntary program helps organizations evaluate their operations; set goals, objectives, and targets; establish programs; and take specific actions toward sustainability.

The program employs a green leaf rating system to allow the public to learn how “sustainable” facilities such as tourism destinations are. 

Participating facilities would be rated by the enviroIndex™ Sustainability Rating System on measures such as:
    •  Energy consumed
    •  Water used
    •  Waste material produced
    •  Recycled material produced

A pilot project to gather feedback about the program from the travel and tourism industry is being conducted through October 2016. That feedback will be used to enhance the program design in the hope that a full-scale launch can be conducted in 2017.

Members of the public can search for “sustainable” travel destinations – once those facilities are members of the program here:

Tourism-related businesses can register online at enviroIndex™

To register, go here ( 
Once you’ve registered, you will be notified about whether you can go on to the next step, which is entering your specific energy use data in order to get a rating. 
Problems registering or entering energy use data?
Contact: or 1-866-568-6649, ext. 1332.