Meeting scheduled on LIttle Coal River project


The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, along with the West Virginia Conservation Agency, will conduct a public information session at 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 21, at the Madison Danville Community Center at Lick Creek Community Park in Danville.

The purpose of the meeting is to inform the public about the Little Coal River Stream Restoration Project and answer any questions. The project is being funded through fees collected by the DEP as a result of enforcement actions.

This summer, work will begin to restore a 15-mile stretch of the Little Coal River, from Danville to McCorkle. The stretch of river is located in the Guyan Conservation District. The primary goals of the project are to reduce sediment and enhance fish habitat in the river. Wood and rock structures will be placed in the river to speed up its current at certain points and flush away silt.

The Coal River Watershed, which includes the Big Coal, Little Coal and Coal rivers, has been severely impacted over the years. 



Tom Aluise