Grass Planting Tips

Spring is a great time to get your lawn prepared for the summer.  The simple act of planting grass over your bare spots in the yard or planting grass along the streambank not only adds beauty to your property, but prevents streambank erosion and sediment from entering streams and rivers. 

Mow grass as short as possible
Lossen the top soil
Remove debris and dead grass
Spread seed evenly if covering small areas
Best to use a lawn spreader for large areas
Make sure that not too many seeds are in the area, as they will compete for water and other nutrients, making it thin more than likely.
Cover the seed using the soil. You can use straw to loosely cover the area as well.
Water daily. Do not saturate the lawn, just keep it moist.  You should water daily until the grass grows about two inches.
If you know the pH and soil type of your lawn, that will help determine the best grass type to grow on your lawn or streambank.