Mining related codes and regulations

        Surface Coal Mining and Reclamation Act  (WV Code § 22-3)  (updated 07-20-2017) 

        WV Coal Surface Mining Rule  (38 CSR 2) (updated 07-01-2016)
 (This rule denotes all changes approved by the WV Legislature and are still pending action from OSM.)

        Quarry Reclamation Act (WV Code § 22-4)

Rules for Quarrying and Reclamation (38 CSR 3)       

Dam Control and Safety Act  (WV Code 22-14)

        Coal Related Dam Safety Rules  (38 CSR 4) (updated 06-23-2011) 

        Surface Mining Blasting Rule (199 CSR 1) 

        NPDES Rule for Coal Mining Facilities (47 CSR 30)

State Certification of Activities Requiring a Federal Permit (47 CSR 5A)

Groundwater Protection Rules Coal Mining Operations  (38 CSR 2F) 

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