Pits and Impoundments

The passage of the Natural Gas Horizontal Well Control Act has mandated a process for the registration and approval of centralized natural gas drilling impoundments and pits.  This page will provide assistance and guidance on the implementation of this legislation.  Also included in this page is information related other pit/impoundment activity not specified in the new legislation.


Please see the PowerPoint presentation (in PDF format) below for a review of the implementation process. This presentation gives an initial overview of the process to obtain a certificate of approval for impoundments and pits greater than 5,000 bbls. It also discusses registration of impoundments or pits that are associated with a well work permit.  Check with this page periodically for updates.

* Note that forms have been updated since the launch of this site.  The PowerPoint slides have also been updated to reflect some changes to procedures. Please review for updated information.

Latest Update: 08-19-2014

 Pits and Impoundments Powerpoint PDF 


By definition, large tanks used in oil and gas operations are not regulated as impoundments. There may be related permitting requirements, depending on the location they are constructed and the contents. See this attachment for a summary of permitting requirements: Storage Tank Permitting Requirements.  

Form #

Form Description

IMP-1A Permit Associated Impoundment/Pit Registraion


Centralized Impoundment / Pit Application


Notification of Impoundment / Pit Construction


Impoundment / Pit As-Built Form


Impoundment / Pit Annual Certification Form


Impoundment / Pit Modification / Closure Form



Notice of Application

Fresh Water Impoundment Land Application Form



Water Management Plan Application for Centralized Impoundment 



Horizontal Well Act


W.Va. Code 35-4. Construction of Pits and Impoundments Greater than 5,000 bbl (Section 21)


Dam Safety Rule (47-34)


Definition of a Dam


United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service “Conservation Practice Standard - Ponds” (Code 378)


Farm Pond Fact Sheet


Design and Construction Standards for Centralized Pits ** This is a pending standard.


Example Maintenance Plan - Updated October, 2012*


Example Monitoring and Emergency Plan - Update October 2012*

            *  Zipped MS Word folder.

Update Log
 Date:  Update:
 02/08/2012       Form IMP-1, format correction, auto fill boxes eliminiated
 02/10/2012  Form IMP-3, typo corrected
 03/13/2012  Updated forms (Added IMP-1A and IMP-1B)
 03/13/2012  Update PowerPoint PDF
 07/23/2012       Updated PowerPoint PDF, most recent informaton.
 10/23/2012      Updated Example Maintenance Plan
 10/23/2012      Updated Example Monitoring and Emergency Action Plan    
 10/24/2012       Update Form IMP-1A, Associated Impoundment Form
 10/29/2012  Update Form IMP-1B, Centralized Pit Form
 11/05/2012    Update Form IMP-1B, Added Water Quality Plan to checklist 
 02/05/2013  Update Form IMP-1B, Section 4 Checklist, to include L.O.D and roads.          
 03/04/2013  Edited Form IMP-2, removed coal owner notification reference
 09/26/2013 Update Pit and Impoundment Powerpoint PDF
 10/29/2013 Added FWLP-88 Fresh Water Imp. Land Application
 10/04/2013 Storage Tank Permitting Reference added
 08/19/2014 Update Water Management Plans for Storage Fac.

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