Annual Reporting Requirements 


There are a few changes for the 2017 reporting of 2016 oil and gas production data. Some changes will affect all operators. Some changes will only affect operators of H6A horizontal wells.

For ALL Operators:  

  • The WR-39e form has changed. The columns are now grouped by the substance being reported. This will make data easier to enter, as you now only have to work in the columns that affect you.
  • API number will now use the full 10-digit API number, such as 4705100123. Well lists by operator can be downloaded from our web page, instructions are below.

For Horizontal H6A Operators Only:  

  • The requirement to report NGL, has now changed to report condensate. It is a change in terminology. The specifics of this reporting are:
    • Report liquids that are collected near the well head by operator.
    • If the hydrocarbon types and ratios can be distinguished, report quantities for crude oil and condensate separately.
    • If these are not distinguishable, report all hydrocarbons as crude oil or condensate, which ever more accurately describes the liquid generated.
    • Downstream NGL extracted does not need to be reported.
  • Produced water is now required to be reported for H6A wells. Produced water is the water generated after the initial 30 day “flowback” period after completion of the well.


Reports of annual oil and gas production are required to be submitted to this Office by all owners of wells by March 31st for the previous year. Please see the instructions and documents below for procedures to submit this data. 
The Electronic Submission System (ESS) is now the preferred method of production data submission. Instructions have been developed to guide you through this process. This system is an improvement for all parties as it streamlines the data entry process.

The ESS system will require that your WR-39e form is completed correctly. You must read the instructions for completing the WR-39e and complete it as shown in the examples. WR-39e forms that are not completed correctly will be returned. This form has been updated from last year, so please use the form linked below.

We would like to discourage the use of the paper form method of production reporting. If an operator has access to a computer, we strongly prefer you complete the WR-39e form and submit using the ESS system.

In summary, operators are required to:

  1. Send production data to this office before March 31st for the previous calender year. You may send it to us by one of three methods:
    1. Electronic Submission System, with spreadsheet WR-39e (Preferred method)
    2. Email the spreadsheet to us at DEPOOGEP@wv.gov
    3. Send a paper copy of the WR-39 form. (Least preferred method)
  2. Send to us a completed WR-99, “Certification of Annual Inspection” form

Below are the forms and instructions needed:

Instructions and Links:

WR-39e Instructions and Example  ** New for 2017 **  

ESS Production Data Instructions  ** Updated for 2017 **
ESS Login and Registration Page

Compliance Forms:

WR-39e Spreadsheet Form   ** New Form for 2017***   

WR-39 Paper Form


WR-99 Certification of Annual Inspection Form

OP-13 Operators Annual Inspection Form

BF-1 Bona Fide Future Use

Mail  to:
WV Department of Environmental Protection
Office of Oil and Gas
601 57th Street, SE
Charleston, WV  25304-2345


General information for Annual Reporting and Inspection

Under WV Legislative Rule Title 35 Series 4 Section 15.1, and Title 35 Series 8 Section 11, an annual report of oil, gas, and for operators of H6A horizontal wells, condensate and produced water production shall be filed with the Chief of the Office of Oil and Gas on or before the succeeding March 31st.


Annual Inspection

In order to file a Certification of Annual Inspection WR-99, you need to conduct an inspection at the surface of each unplugged well at which drilling has been completed for more than five (5) years. This inspection should be completed using the  OP-13 Operator's Annual Well Inspection Form.

Well Operators Annual Inspection Forms are required to be kept on file at the operator's place of business for at least three (3) years subject to review by this office.


Wells that have not been in use for the past 12 months and do not have production to report, will be considered abandoned, unless the operator demonstrates a bona-fide future use for the well. The BF-1, Request for Inactive Status form , is used for that purpose. If your well is currently approved for inactive status, you do not need to re-file.


For more information on abandoned wells, future use and inactive status, contact the Office of Oil and Gas, 304-926-0450.




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