Narrative Water Quality Permitting Guidance

As the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection committed to doing in March, the agency has developed a guidance document for implementing and enforcing West Virginia’s narrative water quality criteria. The guidance document was developed in accordance with parameters set forth in the federal Clean Water Act and applied through the West Virginia Water Pollution Control Act.

News release
Guidance Document

Comments submitted in March on Narrative Water Quality Standards

 West Virginia Manufacturers Association  WVCA Narrative Response Attach. A
 West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association  WVCA Narrative Response Attach. B
 Barbara Humes Narrative Comments  WVCA Narrative Response Attach. C
 Morris Creek Watershed Narrative Comments  IOGA LTR
 LL Emrich Narrative Comments  Thomas Greathouse letter
 Trout Unlimited Narrative Comments Echols2009Mayfly
 WVCA Narrative Response  

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