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December 2010

West Virginia Greenhouse Gases Permitting Guidance 



Final Corrected Version of Rule 2 and 10 Policy 

  August 2001

Policy Regarding Emission Factor Usage for the Coal Industry 

  January 2002 

Procedures for Incoming Permit Applications 48-Hour Response


November 2002  

Policy Regarding Permit Processing Under 45CSR13 

  Revised 5/10/11 

Clarification of Permitting Requirements for Sources Subject to NSPS Subpart Y or Subpart OOO 

 This policy is being updated  May 2006

Dehydration Unit and Flare Boilerplate Language for Minor HAP Sources  

   June 2006

Policy for Potential-to-Potential Netting Under Rule 13 

   June 2006

Policy for Permitting Low-Emitting Sources 

   July 2006

Rule 13 Guidance for Poultry Incinerators

  Agricultural Incinerator Compliance Order CO-R6-C-2002-25A 

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