WVDEP Construction and Reclamation Projects Out For Solicitation

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Bid Opportunities

Project Name

Requisition Number

McAlpin Portals & Drainage
ARFQ DEP2000000041
DEP WV Room Audio Visual Equipment & Installation 
ARFQ DEP2000000048  BOO 
Southwestern Maintenance   ARFQ DEP2000000050   SR
 Preston Rail Trail Reclamation Remediation Project ARFQ DEP2000000051    REAP

DEP Program Office Acronyms
AML - Office of Abandoned Mine Lands
BOO - Business Operations Office
EE - Environmental Enforcement
LCAP - Landfill Closure Assistance Program
OER - Office of Environmental Remediation
OOG - Office of Oil and Gas
OSR - Office of Special Reclamation
REAP - Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan