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Safety and Inventory

Section manages and reviews DEP safety programs for fourteen facilities throughout the state. They conduct safety and American Disabilities Act (ADA) checks of all facilities, job safety analysis, investigates complaints, incidents, and accidents. Ensures the agency is in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Deparment of Labor, ADA and Life Safety and Fire Codes.

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BJ Chestnut, Assistant Chief
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
601 57th Street SE
Charleston, WV 25304
Phone: (304) 926-0480

Fleet Management

We provide fleet management, inventory control, insurance, and maintenance. Eah of these areas involves a variety of issues that require a great deal of knowledge of both DEP's and the West virginia state infrastructure.


Our agency procures a wide range of goods and services ranging from light bulbs to multi-million dollar landfill closures and reclamation of abandoned mine land sites. Each item purchased by DEP under the guidelines of the WV State Purchasing Division passes through the Procurement section located in the Charleston headquarters. Though relatively young, DEP is one of the state's larger agencies and is used in many of the pilot programs initiated by the state.

Conducts an annual physical inventory of DEP's equipment.

For vendors interested in business opportunities with the State of West Virginia, and specifically the Division of Environmental Protection, we recommend the booklet "A Guide to Vendors - Business opportunities with the State of WV." The booklet contains valuable information on such topics as "How do I sell to the State of WV." "How do I register with the State of WV" and "Who buys for the State of WV." The booklet may be obtained by calline (304) 558-2306 or writing the State Purchasing Division, State Capitol Complex, 2019 Washington Street, East, Charleston, WV 25305.


The Department of Environmental Protection consists of four divisions and nine offices, that has fifty-two leases throughout the State of West Virginia. Communications (landlines, cellular, data) for the offices at the various locations is handled by the DEP Office of Administration. We are responsible for the activation and cancellation of all landlines, data circuits, and cellular service and the purchase of communications equipment.

DEP continues to be the leader in cellular communications among all state agencies. Our combined offices have in excess of four hundred fifty three cellular phones. This provides our inspection force and field personnel instant access to permits and other vital information allowing for a more efficient operation. Members of our cellular committee received an award from the Governor for their innovation and cost savings efforts. ​​