Bid Awards for DEP Construction and Reclamation Contracts


oject Name     
Purchase Order  
Omega Mining Co., Inc D-79-82  APO DEP2100000003  AJ BURK, LLC  SR
Weston (Williams) Landslide
APO DEP2100000010
Collins Building & Contracting Inc
Robinette Branch Phase II  APO DEP2100000022  Virco Contracting Inc  AML 
Wocap Energy Resources, Inc S-26-85 APO DEP2100000095 Virco Contracting, Inc  SR
City of Elkins Landfill Closure Construction APO DEP2100000146   Ampeco Inc LCAP
Richard Mine Access Bridge  APO DEP2100000050  Bear Contracting LLC AML 
Pine Bluff (Wilson) Portals  APO DEP2100000048  Select Excavating Services, LLC  AML 
Camden (Willson) Portals  APO DEP2100000186  JF Allen Company  AML 
Mary Ruth Corp S-1015-88 Project APO DEP2100000103  Solid Rock Excavating, Inc SR
North Jetter Services AMA DEP2100000004 Solid Rock Excavating, Inc SR
A34 Buffalo Project S-2003-88 APO DEP2100000181 Breckenridge Corp. SR
Pendleton Creek Strip Phase II  APO DEP2100000205 Mountaineer Infrastructure LLC AML
Longview Mine Portals  APO DEP2100000194 Solid Rock Excavating Inc AML
Perry Hollow (Posey) Portals and Drainage  APO DEP2100000203 A J Burk LLC AML
Mount Clare (Fornash) CSL  APO DEP2100000206  Virco Contracting Inc AML 
Quintain Developement Inc. S-5033-96 APO DEP2100000191 Collins Building & Contracting, Inc SR
DLM Coal Company 164-77 Mercer Pond APO DEP2100000197 Mountaineer Infrastructure, LLC SR
Longacre Portals  APO DEP2100000224  ALL CON LLC AML 
Phico (Workman) Portals  APO DEP2100000249  Virco Contracting Inc  AML 
Piney Creek (McQuillian) Ditch Failure  APO DEP21000000257  ALL CON LLC  AML 

DEP Program Office Acronyms
AML - Office of Abandoned Mine Lands
BOO - Business Operations Office
EE - Environmental Enforcement
LCAP - Landfill Closure Assistance Program
OER - Office of Environmental Remediation
OOG - Office of Oil and Gas
OSR - Office of Special Reclamation
REAP - Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan

Contracts Awarded for Previous Fiscal Years

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Fiscal Year 2019
Fiscal Year 2018
Fiscal Year 2017