Bid Received for DEP Construction and Reclamation Contracts

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Project Name

                        Bid Tabulation

Arnold's Exxon Soil Excavation, Doddridge Co.  ARFQ DEP1900000092   EE
Tony's Exxon UST Removal, Logan Co. ARFQ DEP1900000091
JJ Mountaineer Farm & Feed UST Removal ARFQ DEP2000000012 EE
Evon's Sunoco UST Removal
ARFQ DEP2000000010
Sidney R. Cure UST Removal
ARFQ DEP2000000009
Sam Black Quick Stop LLC UST Removal ARFQ DEP2000000015
Valley Mining Company, Inc
ARFQ DEP2000000018
Southern Maintenance Open-End
 ARFQ DEP2000000023
Chickopee Coal Co., Inc S-3002-98, S-3006-99  ARFQ DEP2000000021  SR
DEP Program Office Acronyms
AML - Office of Abandoned Mine Lands
BTO - Business and Technology Office
EE - Environmental Enforcement
LCAP - Landfill Closure Assistance Program
OER - Office of Environmental Remediation
OOG - Office of Oil and Gas
OSR - Office of Special Reclamation
REAP - Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan


The bid tabulation sheets are posted within 24 hours of the bid opening. Once the official award is made, the entire bid can be viewed on the Vendor Self Service Portal at:

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