Policies for Blasting


Linked here are the Division of Mining and Reclamation policies pertaining to blasting activities.

Blasting forms are located on the DMR Forms page.

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Pre-Blast Survey Policy and Procedure

Revised: March, 2017

For a single permit that is less than 200 acres, all owners and occupants of all man-made structures within 0.5 mile of the permitted area must be notified of their right to a pre-blast survey. For a single permit that is greater than 200 acres, or if greater than 300 acres of contiguous permitted area...

Blasting Notification Policy

Revised: March, 2017

To initiate blasting-At least ten but not more than 30 days prior to any blasting,the blasting schedule notification must be sent by certified mail to each resident within ½ mile of the blasting sites or 7/10 mile of the blasting sites (depending upon the size of the operation -see W.Va. Code § 22-3-13a)and must be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county of the operation.

Blast Log with Seismic Records

Revised: March, 2017

All blast logs must be completed within 24 hours of the blast being detonated. If seismographs are used to monitor the shot for compliance purposes,the maximum peak particle velocity and air blast reading shall be entered on the blast log for each seismograph used for compliance within the 24 hours after the blast. All seismic waveforms must be attached to the blast log within 14 days of the blast. Seismic waveforms may be attached to the blast log up to 31 days after the blast, only with written approval by the Divisionof Mining and Reclamation (DMR).

Pre-Blast Survey Policy for IBR's and Amendments

Date: December 5, 2006

This memo covers the situation where a permit has satisfied 22-3-13a, 38CSR6.8 and 199CSR1-3.8 and then proposes to extend permitted area by IBR or amendment. In this situation, the IBR or amendment area(s) are the only areas requiring pre-bast survey notification. The original permit area or previously approved IBR or amendment areas with approved pre-blast surveys would require additional pre-blast surveys only when blasting plan changes would dictate additional pre-blast surveys or where pre-blast surveys or updates are otherwise required.