Pre-Remedial Program

The Pre-Remedial Program includes sites that have been evaluated using the U.S. EPA Pre-CERCLA screening (PCS) process and have been deemed candidates for further assessment. Using this process, WVDEP, in coordination with U.S. EPA Assessment Branch staff identifies and prioritizes sites that need to be assessed for threats to human health and the environment. These sites are subsequently evaluated using the site assessment process, which involves performing a preliminary assessment (PA) and/or a site inspection (SI) on the site. WVDEP has a cooperative agreement to fund and manage the execution of site assessment work on site assessment sites in West Virginia. Each site assessment is performed by collecting and generating the requisite data and information needed to utilize the Hazard Ranking System (HRS) to establish a site score. An HRS score of 28.5 or above is eligible for listing on the National Priorities List (NPL)—and subsequent remedial action if all other requirements are met.

Pre-Remedial Process Flowchart