Studies and Investigations

DMR Industry Training 2019

    Underground Mining Basics and Mine Pool Development

DMR Industry Training 2018
     Common eDMR Errors     ESA 2018     ESS Common Corrections     NPDES Session 1
     NPDES Session 2     NPDES Session 3     Se Policy Changes      SWROA

DMR Industry Training 2017

​     Bond Release    NPDES     Removal of Sediment Control Structures
     Selenium Fish Tissue Plans and BAS Report Submittals     SHPO - Section 106
     Threatened and Endangered Species     Topsoil Substitues Update

DMR Industry Training 2015

     Above Ground Storage Tanks SWROA - State of the SWROA
     Removal of Sediment Control Structures      Threatened and Endangered Species in WV
     Se Study Industry Training 2015 WET Failure and Adaptive Managemnet Plan

Final Selenium Implementation dated January 13, 2014 

Flood Advisory Findings   Part 1   Part 11   Part 111 (section 1)  (section 2)     Summary

NPDES Translator Study

CHIA QA/QC Final Report  Feb. 2007

Slurry UIC Investigation        Appendix One      Appendix Two

US Army corps of Engineers Huntington District Regulatory & Permits Information and Public Notices

Prenter Report       App A - Photographs
                               App B - Domestic Well Inventory Forms
                               App C - EDR Report Excerpt
                               App D - Lab Reports
                               Fig 1-1 Study Area Location
                               Fig 2-1 Study Area Topography SW Drainage
                               Fig 2-2 Watershed Designations
                               Fig 3-1 Sample Locations
                               Fig 4-1 No. 2 Gas Mining -Structure
                               Fig 4-2 Winifrede Mining - Structure
                               Fig 4-3 Coalburg Mining - Structure
                               Fig 4-4 Stockton Mining - Structure
                               Fig 4-5 Surface mining Extent
                               Fig 4-6 Natural Gas Well Locations
                               Sampling and Analysis Plan

Prenter Report Addendum
                              Assessment of Potentially Impacted Residential Wells
                             Summary of Findings