Since 2005, the Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan strives to clean up West Virginia and rid the state of unsightly litter. The REAP initiative harbors all of the state cleanup programs within the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. REAP is a powerful force in the campaign against illegal dumping and littering.

REAP focuses on cleanup efforts from both program staff and volunteers statewide. In a unique partnership, the program empowers citizens to take ownership of their communities by providing technical, financial, and resource assistance in cleanup efforts.

The program derives its authority from the A. James Manchin Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan, pursuant to WV State Code §22-15A.

COVID-19 Notice

Update: Due to the COVID-19 situation and the Governor’s travel ban for non-essential work, REAP will no longer be performing tire collection events, AAH and MIS cleanup events, and any other field duties until the ban has been lifted. Thank you for your patience and stay safe.



  • Adopt A Highway Program

    The Adopt-A-Highway Program is co-sponsored by the Division of Highways and the Department of Environmental Protection. It was established in the late 1980s under the DNR (now a REAP Program) to improve the quality of our environment by encouraging public involvement in the elimination of highway litter. Its objective is to save taxpayers money by increasing public awareness and to serve as an educational tool by focusing on the consequences which result when littering is allowed to continue unchecked. The program offers volunteers the opportunity to take charge of their environment by making a positive effort to create a cleaner, more aesthetic place in which to live.

  • CED Manufacturer Registration and Takeback Program

    The goal of this law is to establish a registration process for manufacturers of covered electronic devices, to determine if manufacturers have adopted or implemented a takeback/recycling program for their products that is free to the public and to award recycling grants to counties and municipalities for recycling or other programs that divert covered electronic devices from the waste stream.

  • Enviro-Fact Sheet: Illegal Dumping

    West Virginia has an estimated 15,000 illegal dumps. There is also a large amount of litter and debris along our highways and river banks that results from improper management of solid waste.

  • Operation Wildflower

    Operation Wildflower has brought beauty and diversity to West Virginia highways for many years. The program has been and continues to be, an asset to the Mountain State. The program began in 1990 under the DNR with a test site on I-64 near Huntington, West Virginia. The success of the site led to the expansion of the program to include donations from garden clubs and the public. Today, more than 250 acres of wildflowers grow on state roads, including sites on every interstate highway.

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    • Donate a Wildflower Site

      Project Wildflower makes it possible for wildflower sites to be donated in the name of an individual, business, civic organization, etc. A sign near the wildflower bed will honor the name chosen. Donations must be received by February 15th for plantings to occur that year.

  • Pollution Prevention and Open Dump Program

    The Open Dump Cleanup Program uses landfill fees to clean up illegal dumps and to gather evidence to prosecute illegal dumping activity. Currently the program has completed more than 15,000 projects that have resulted in the removal of an estimated 147,000 tons of material, including 26,000 tons of steel, 62,000 appliances and over 2,000,000 tires. There are an estimated 15,000 open dumps across WV. The efforts of the PPOD average up to 900 dumps removed yearly, at a total of 9,500 tons/year. With assistance from volunteers, solid waste authorities, and county commissions, PPOD has been able to reclaim 10,504 acres of WV land to date.

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    • File an Open Dump Complaint

      Submit an open dump report to DEP officials and PPOD personnel to help with the location of dumpsites and prosecution of violators.

  • Recycling and Litter Grant Programs

    The Recycling section was established in 1989 to ensure compliance with the West Virginia Natural Resources Laws (Chapter 20, Article 11) before moving to the REAP program. This section is responsible for administering the following programs which have been developed and implemented to meet our goals. We also provide support in the following areas: public education programs and recycling market development.

  • Tire Collection Events

    Each year, REAP's PPOD Program conducts tire collection events across the state. Atleast one collection event is held in each county. During these events, individuals with proof of WV residency can dispose of ten tires in a safe way. PPOD is also responsible for the removal of tires piles located across the state. During 2009, more than 400,000 tires were collected and/or removed from West Virginia's landscape.

  • WV Make It Shine Program

    The WV Make It Shine Program is a comprehensive program aimed at making WV the cleanest state in the nation. Throughout the state, groups of volunteers, businesses, community organizations, and local governments are working to accomplish this goal. It is the responsibility of the WV Make It Shine Program to coordinate the effort of these people to make our state shine. The WV Make It Shine Program is involved in several events each year.


Elkins Make It Shine Scarecrow

Meet the Elkins Make It Shine Scarecrow created by Melodee Price, Elkins Make It Shine Coordinator. The REAP Make It Shine themed scarecrow is fashioned with a trash can for a head, gloves, a litter grabber tool, REAP high visibility shirt, a REAP bag and of course, a mask. You can view this scarecrow and others for two weeks on downtown street during the City of Elkins Annual Scarecrow Festival.


Upcoming Events and Updates

Christmas Tree Recycling Event

Update: This event has been canceled due to current developments and precautionary measures concerning COVID-19.

Free Day at the Landfill

Most public landfills in West Virginia will offer days where residents can bring their rubbish without having to pay tipping fees. Check with your local Solid Waste Authority for more information.

REAP In The News

  • Clean County and Clean Community Awards

    The City of Vienna and the Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority were the first-place winners as the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection's Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan recently announced the recipeints of the Clean Communities and Clean Counties Awards.

  • WVDEP-REAP Approves Nine Applications for 2021 CED Recycling Grants

    The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection's Covered Electronic Devices (CED) Recycling Grant Program has approved 9 applications for grants totaling $87,565.

    Established in 2008, the CED Program requires that manufacturers register their brands with the state. The fees collected from this program allow counties and municipalities to apply for CED grants to conduct electronic collection events and support ongoing collection programs.

  • WVDEP-REAP Announced 2021 Litter Control Grant Recipients

    The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection's Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan announced the recipients of the Litter Control Matching Grants. The grants, awarded to state solid waste authorities, county commissions, and municipalities, totaled $48,367 and were approved for 29 individual applicants.

Get Involved

Help make West Virginia the cleanest state in the nation. For more information or to volunteer call: 1-800-322-5530