Pollution Prevention and Open Dump Program

The Open Dump Cleanup Program uses landfill fees to clean up illegal dumps and to gather evidence to prosecute illegal dumping activity. Currently the program has completed more than 15,000 projects that have resulted in the removal of an estimated 147,000 tons of material, including 26,000 tons of steel, 62,000 appliances and over 2,000,000 tires. There are an estimated 15,000 open dumps across WV. The efforts of the PPOD average up to 900 dumps removed yearly, at a total of 9,500 tons/year. With assistance from volunteers, solid waste authorities, and county commissions, PPOD has been able to reclaim 10,504 acres of WV land to date. (last updated on 09/30/10)

The PPOD program derives its authority from WV Code Section 22-15-11(h)(3), which states that no one may "create, contribute to or operate an open dump." Up to a $50,000 fine and up to three years in prison are the possible CRIMINAL punishments. CIVIL penalties can fine up to $5,000/incident. The program reclaims, cleans up, and remedied open dump sites while minimizing or eliminating damage to the environment.

Methamphetamine Lab Waste


As methamphetamine use continues to become a growing epidemic across our state, producers of the dangerous drug are often using the rural and roadside areas of West Virginia as dump sites for their toxic chemicals and byproduct. Volunteers participating in the PPOD, Make It Shine, or Adopt-A-Highway programs should be aware of the potential hazards these contaminants pose.

Open Dumps