Standard Operating Procedures for Litter Control


The REAP Standard Operating Procedure encourages local governments to adopt ordinances and implement REAP Programs through cleanup efforts, enforcement, and outreach and education.

County Ordinances

  • Marshall County Salvage Yard Ordinance

    The purpose of this ordinance is to carry out the intent and purpose of the Code of West Virginia relating to licensing and operation of salvage yards within the State of west Virginia. The further purpose of this ordinance is to authorize the Marshall County Planning Commission to promulgate such reasonable rules and regulations including, but not limited to, determining the effect of the propo~ed salvage yard on residential/business or commercial property investment and values, and the social, economic and environmental impact on community growth and development in utilities, health, education, recieation, safety, welfare and convenience, if any, before issuing such approval permit.

  • Kanawha County Public Nuisance and Property Management Ordinance

    The purpose of this ordinance is to promote the public health, safety and welfare of residents of Kanawha County, and to provide for the removal and abatement of unhealthy, noxious, dangerous and hazardous substances and conditions, at private expense.

Litter Control Officers

WV Code 7-1-3ff (c) gives county commissions the authority to designate an enforcement agency to enforce ordinances of the county. This enforcement agency can include the hiring of a county litter control officer. If the county hires a litter control officer, then WV Code 7-1-3ff (d) also authorizes the county litter control officers to enforce the laws relating to litter, open dumps, and proof of proper solid waste disposal.

WV Code 7-1-3ff (d) requires the WVDEP to provide training to county litter control officers before they enforce laws relating to litter, open dumps, and proof of proper disposal of solid waste. This course is designed to certify that county litter control officers have completed the required training.

Additional Resources

Litter on roadside
Litter on roadside
Large litter items on roadside.
Large litter items on roadside