Recycling and Litter Grant Programs


The Recycling section was established in 1989 to ensure compliance with the West Virginia Natural Resources Laws (Chapter 20, Article 11) before moving to the REAP program. This section is responsible for administering the following programs which have been developed and implemented to meet our goals. We also provide support in the following areas: public education programs and recycling market development.

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2021 Recycling Assistance Grant Applicants

You may submit an electronic version of your application (signatures must be in color) to All applications must be stamped in by the REAP office by 5pm on July 1st. Applications mailed or shipped that are not received in hand by 5pm on July 1st will be disqualified. The REAP office will email receipt confirmation of your application to the email address provided on the front cover. Please be sure you have obtained a receipt confirmation email from REAP before the deadline.

2020 Recycling Assistance & Litter Control Grant Recipients

Please contact the REAP Office if your project has been impacted by COVID-19 and you are experiencing difficulty meeting required deadlines. Email or Call 1-800-322-5530.

Recycling Assistance Grant Program

The West Virginia Legislature made it possible to offer this program through a $1.00 fee imposed on every ton of solid waste disposed of at state landfills. Rules governing the program are under State Rule 33CSR10. The funds are available to any county, municipality, the public or private entity in West Virginia that is interested in planning and implementing recycling programs, related public educational programs or need assistance in recycling market efforts.

The amount of funding varies. The maximum amount of funding available for a public entity is $150,000 with $75,000 being the maximum for a private entity. Applications are due in the office by 5:00 p.m. on the first business day of July. The grant cycle runs annually from January to February of the following year. The recycling grant application can be found in the table below.


Litter Control Grant Program

The Litter Control Grant is a matching fund that assists municipalities and county government agencies with community cleanup and litter enforcement projects. Funding is provided for this grant through litter fines imposed on those who violate state litter laws. The maximum amount of funding for a Litter Control Grant is $5,000 and the cycle runs from July 1 through June 30. Rules governing the program are under State Rule 33CSR41 (.doc). Applications must be postmarked by no later than May 31 to be considered for the following grant period. The litter grant application may be found below.


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West Virginia Recycles Day Celebration

November 15th marks the national observation of America Recycles Day. Each year, the REAP Recycling Section and the West Virginia Recycling Coalition cosponsor the state’s celebration of this annual event. Through educational and promotional activities, statewide school contests and county events, West Virginia Recycles Day has gained pledges from thousands of West Virginians who support recycling.

Visit for programs, events, and contest information.

State Employees Office Paper Recycling Program

State agencies in the Capitol Complex and surrounding areas currently participate in the WV Public Employees Office Paper Recycling Program and are in compliance with Legislative Rule §20-11-6, which states that all agencies and instrumentalities of the state, shall implement programs to recycle solid waste. This program offers recycling of office paper to local state agencies.