Stormwater Program

The Stormwater Permit Team administers all stormwater related General Permits. The Stormwater Team is responsible for administrative and technical review of applications and stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPP’s) submitted for coverage under stormwater permits.
Stormwater General Permits
Construction Stormwater General Permit - covers stormwater discharges from all construction activities
        with earth-disturbance of one acre or more.
Multi-Sector Stormwater General Permit  - covers stormwater effluent from certain industrial activities.
Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems  - (MS4’s) as described under Phase II of the EPA
        Stormwater Program.  This permit covers storm water discharges from certain municipalities and other
        public entities such as hospitals,universities, highways and prisons.
    4. Oil & Gas Construction Stormwater General Permit - State General Permit to regulate the
        discharge of stormwater runoff associated with oil and gas related construction activities. 

Other Services
* Compliance assistance for active sites/facilities
* Provide educational programs to the regulated community and general public
* Provide technical information to help industry comply with the provisions of West Virginia’s Stormwater NPDES General Permits


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