Stream monitoring workshops

Included here is need-to-know information about scheduling, studying for and what to expect during a stream monitoring workshop.  Visit the sites below for more information. 
    1. Scheduling a stream monitoring workshop 
    2. Save Our Streams Districts 
    3. Workshop agenda example (Level-1)
    4. SOS certification exams
    5. Stream monitoring equipment
    6. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) 
    7. Workshop study materials
    8. Stream monitoring safety 
Click-Here to register for an upcoming workshop.  Please register at least four business days in advance of the workhop you plan to attend.  The Coordinator recommends that workshop participants review the study materials prior to attending the workshop. 
The coordinator provides reference materials to all who participate.  During the workshop, participants are introduced to the basic concepts of stream monitoring and the SOPs are demonstrated through hands-on training at a streamside location; usually a biosurvey is completed by the participants. Workshops are often scheduled on a Saturday, which fits into most people’s schedules. Note: The time frame for a monitoring workshop is from six to eight or more hours, most will last at least eight hours.  Click-Here to visit WVDEP's Watershed Improvement Branch calendar.   
What to wear: Come prepared for outside work with items such as a hat, loose fitting clothes (especially during warmer weather), closed toed shoes such as sneakers, boots or waders.  The outside conditions should determine your overall manner of dress. What to bring: Bag lunch, plenty of water, sunscreen and insect repellent.  You may also need a pencil or pen and a small notebook.