Stormwater assistance

WIB's Stormwater Team provides assistance for regulated and unregulated stormwater sites in the Potomac Basin.  The team researches information about stormwater in order to provide the best available techniques as they relate to the requirements of their permit and provides guidance for others who want to manage their stormwater and learn more about low impact development (LID) and green infrastructure.  The team also tracks and reports BMP data to WVDEP's Stormwater Program and the Chesapeake Bay Program as needed.  
An important component for successful implementation of the appropriate stormwater and green infrastructure practices is coordinatoin with WVDEP's Office of Environmental Enforcement, Stormwater Program, Nonpoint Source Program
, other state and federal agencies, as well as local county and city officials.  Click-here to learn more about LID and green infrastructure.
WIB's Stormwater Team Leader
Sebastian Donner, Stormwater Specialist
WVDEP's Romney Field Office

Municipal Seperate Stormwater Systems (MS4) 
Construction Stormwater Program 

Note: The WVDEP's stormwater team will provide training on stormwater BMPs.  To learn more about the training available contact Sebastian Donner.