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5th Annual WVDEP Water Resource Conference

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In 2004, the West Virginia legislature passed the Water Resources Protection Act. The purpose of the act was to gather Water Use Logoinformation on the quantity and use of state surface and groundwater resources. In 2008, the act was amended and renamed the Water Resources Protection and Management Act. The amended act required the development of a water resources management plan for the state by 2013. A Water Resources Management Plan for the State was adopted in March of 2014 and can be downloaded from WVWaterPlan. Progress reports to the Joint Legislative Oversight Commission on State Water Resources are required each November.

2016 - Large Quantity User Updates

Effective January 1, 2015, the minimum reporting threshold has been lowered to 300,000 gallons withdrawn from surface or groundwater sources in any 30-day period.  Annual reporting must include monthly water withdrawal as mandated under the Water Resources Protection Act.  The LQU reporting method has changed from paper forms to digital format.  Large quantity users are now required to submit their annual water usage in the WVDEP's Electronic Submission System.

If you are a large quantity user and are required to complete an annual user certification, please click HERE for additional information and instructions.


Alert Regarding Withdrawals From Dunkard Creek and Its Tributaries

Due to heightened concerns with Golden Algae in the Dunkard Creek watershed, DEP is recommending that no water should be withdrawn from streams and ponds in the Dunkard Creek watershed, if it will be used or transported outside of the Dunkard Creek drainage. For additional information please contact Brian Carr at 304.926.0499 extension 1757.